Individuals with Apert syndrome require numerous surgeries throughout their lives. As children, these often include specialized procedures to separate their fingers and toes and to address fusion of the bones in their skull that if left untreated would inhibit proper growth of their brain. Recovering from these surgeries can be a long and uncomfortable process and sometimes means “thinking outside the box”.


We talked to parents who have been through it all before and asked them to tell us what items were crucial during their child’s hospital stay and recovery at home. It is our goal to provide Whooo’s Brave Kits with these items to help take some of the stress off of caregivers and to brighten the child’s day. 

The following list shows just some of the items that would be beneficial to have on hand for our kits. To make donating simple, you can now find many of these on our Amazon Wish List HERE. When purchased online, simply choose the apertOWL shipping address to have your donations sent directly to us! Or, you may mail your donations to: apertOWL PO Box 356 Prospect, KY 40059


  • Snap-up or button-up onesies, pajamas, shirts (infant sizes to child size 8-10). These make it easy for children recovering from skull and mid-face surgeries so that they don’t have to try to fit clothes over their head.

  • Pillow cases and/or blankets. So they do not have to worry about getting their own getting stained or dirty while at the hospital.

  • Leg warmers or long socks in soft and colorful/fun fabrics. Children with Apert syndrome often have surgeries to separate their fingers and toes. Typically, they wear large casts for several weeks while they heal. Covering their casts helps prevent them from scratching their face or hurting themselves with the hard casts.

  • Owl-themed anything. To put a smile on their face 

  • Restaurant gift-cards. Let’s face it, hospital food isn’t always appetizing, but paying for restaurant food at each hospital stay can be quite expensive. Any amount and to any national restaurant chain accepted (we will ensure cards are put with recipients where locations are within proximity of a particular hospital).

  • Socks or slippers. Something cute to wear when they get to roam the halls and visit the play room.

  • Water bottles with straws. Dishwasher safe, please.

  • Small dry erase boards and markers. Kids use these to communicate when they may not feel well enough to talk post-surgery.

  • Small notebooks. For parents and caregivers to take notes, write down medication dosage times, jot down questions, etc.

  • Lullaby CDs and/or iTunes gift cards. Soft music is very soothing and can help promote faster healing times during recovery.

  • Infant/child size toothbrushes and/or Toothettes. The smaller size is helpful for kids who have had the RED device placed for midface distraction.

  • Plastic baby spoons. Good for feeding after the midface advancement surgery.

  • Thick plastic straws. Make it easier for drinking blended foods after midface advancement.

* Due to the sensitive medical nature of the recipients, we kindly ask that all donated items are new and in the original package. Handmade items must come from a pet-free, smoke-free home. If you would prefer to make a monetary contribution to allow us to purchase needed items, please visit our donation page. Thank you!

Our mission is to be a beacon of hope for families affected by Apert syndrome
by providing support, resources and inspiration throughout their journey.

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