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How does this work? Tell us a little about the individual you are requesting the kit for below and we will put together a customized kit with useful and practical items for their particular situation, as well as some fun things that will hopefully brighten their day.


Who can receive a kit? Any individual with Apert syndrome who is preparing to undergo or is recovering from any kind of medical

procedure related to their condition. Or if they are simply having a rough time and you feel that their spirits could use a little lifting, we want to do just that!


Who can request a kit? Friends, family members, acquaintances. If you know someone with Apert syndrome in need of a Whooo's Brave Kit, you can request one.


Can someone receive more than one Whooo's Brave Kit? At this time, we will limit an individual to one kit to allow us to reach the most people. If someone is undergoing a different procedure and could benefit from another kit for that purpose, apertOWL will consider fulfilling those needs on a case by case basis.


Please note: Kit requests will be fulfilled as they are received and we make every effort to send them in a timely manner. In most cases, kits are shipped 1-2 weeks from request date. Please keep this in mind if requesting a kit prior to surgery.

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