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Whether you heard the words Apert syndrome for the first time while still pregnant or were surprised with the diagnosis at birth, you may have felt as though your world was falling apart. Immediately, you are thrust into a world of unknowns: medical terminology, doctors appointments, treatment plans, surgeries, hospital stays, special needs. Your heart is breaking. Your dreams and expectations for a simple, normal life seem to be shattered. You are probably having a hard time adjusting to and accepting this new life.

That's where we come in. ApertOWL was started by two moms who both have a child with Apert syndrome and who understand the journey that you are just beginning. While things may not ever be the same and there will definitely be challenges, we are here to tell you that happiness is well within your reach. So take a deep breath and look around our site. Our goal is to be a positive and uplifting source of information, support and inspiration.

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