Mac’s Pack is our tribe of volunteers. While a group of owls is technically called a

“parliament”, we thought Mac’s Pack had a nicer ring.


One of the most challenging parts of this journey is the first few days after receiving

a diagnosis of Apert syndrome. There are so many questions and fears and can be

emotionally overwhelming. Researching online often brings up the worst case

scenarios which only adds to the stress. That is why we will have “Be Wise” kits that

we hope will be the first thing people receive from their healthcare professional when

Apert syndrome is suspected or diagnosed.


“Be Wise” kits will include a letter from an experienced Apert family as a first line of

support, an up-to-date information sheet (not the scary worst case scenario info we

often find on our own), a list of current resources and information about apertOWL. We envision having Mac’s Pack volunteers spread all across the country to help us get our “Be Wise” kits into local hospitals, craniofacial clinics and doctors offices nationwide.


If you are passionate about raising awareness about Apert syndrome and spreading the word about the resources, support and inspiration that apertOWL provides, then YOU are exactly who we want to join our “pack”. You don’t have to be living with this condition or have a child with Apert syndrome to join!


That's simple! Just complete the online form below. Once we have received your information, we will add you to our database and you will receive a welcome packet with a “Be Wise” kit to review. We will have a volunteer conference call and the next scheduled date will be included in your packet. During these calls we will discuss current needs and answer any questions you may have. Your participation is completely voluntary and at your own convenience. 


Many times there will be other opportunities available for our Mac’s Pack volunteers – such as speaking engagements, being a point of contact for Apert families and/or representing apertOWL at various events. If you are interested in being more involved in that capacity, please indicate so on your sign-up form in the space provided.


We SO appreciate your support! With YOUR help we are going to make a difference in the lives of those with Apert syndrome!